The Reasonable Dr. Ross M. Lence

What can I tell you about the Reasonable Dr. Ross M. Lence?

In the words of Socrates, “I went down to the Piraeus yesterday with Glaucon, son of Ariston to pray to the goddess …Well, Polemarchus said then either prove stronger than these men or stay here … “Isn’t there still one other possibility …” I (Socrates) said, “our persuading you that you must let us go?” “Could you really persuade,” he said, “if we don’t listen?”

With those few words from 500 B.C. I was hooked. How could I not listen? How could I not be persuaded that I was in the presence of a great teacher. Ross M. Lence departed this world in 2006 and I have been waiting patiently for a forum to contribute my ideas to add to the body of wit and meaning provided by my dear teacher.

The world is filled with the students of the Reasonable Dr. Ross M. Lence. With any luck I can persuade a few of them to listen.

Yes, I know many students would not want to be judged by their peers, fellow college students, now grown old, regarding their abilities or inabilities to conduct a dialogue worthy of … what? Get the dialogue going and let the devil take the hindmost.

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