Converting a D- exam paper into an A

During one of the Good Doctor’s American Political Theory classes sometime in the middle ’70’s I happened to be unprepared for an essay exam on some esoteric historical point.  The blank blue books were circulated and my everready zen qualified empty brain began to churn out drivel.  Not drizzle out drivel, rather flash flood foolish drivel.  It not only rained cats and dogs drivel but it flooded the entire half of the north american continent knee deep in drivel.  Finally after filling the entire blue book I turned it in and expected a good grade.  I was rewarded by a D-.  According to the Good Doctor, my saving grace was that I spelled my name correctly.

In my shock, I demanded a recount, whereupon, Dr. Lence handed me another blank blue book, and said, here is your second chance.  How much time do you need to write me an A paper.  I let the D- stand.

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