Property Owners v Goodwill Industries and Oklahoma City


1932 West Lindsey, Suite A, Norman OK 73069  (405) 235-1433 Fax (405) 239-2542

To: Planning Commission, City of Oklahoma City

Re: Sam Gresham,  Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma  Planning Commission Case No. SP-430 Request for Special Permit for Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma Warehouse

January 18th, 2011

To whom it may concern,

It has been brought to the attention of our Board of a desire on the part of Goodwill Industries to install a recycling center/warehouse/training center at a location on the NW corner of 5th and Hudson.

It is the unanimous view of our board that this is an unsuitable location for this facility and that the special use permit be denied for the following reasons:

(1)     The location being considered will reduce property values in the immediate area. Recycling centers are generally located on the outskirts of town, in industrial areas, and never adjacent to high valued property.   Directly across the street from the proposed site is the Regency Tower, a 25 story complex that just sold for over $17M. One half block east from the proposed  site is the entrance to the Memorial.  One half block north is a recently constructed three story office building.  1/2 block west is the Midtown Plaza, to date downtown OKC’s most successful office complex, housing over forty high quality businesses.

(2)     There are many more suitable and no doubt cheaper locations for this enterprise.  West of Classen and North of Sheridan is an area with a plethora of unused and easily accessible warehouses.

(3)     The traffic of pick-ups and deliveries along with the debris associated with this proposal will produce congestion and clean-up problems for all property  and business owners near this location.

(4)     The potential for further development will be greatly discouraged by the external costs associated with proximity to this type of use.

As property owners and business owners in the Park Plaza District, we were aghast that such a proposal could even be considered in the area.  The Park Plaza District Redevelopment Corporation represents over 70 percent of the property in the Park Plaza District by both area and value and over 30 business owners who are not property owners.


Dr. Richard S. Dowell    Park Plaza District Redevelopment Corp.  President, Park Plaza District Redevelopment Corp.      Board Members   Joseph C. Warren,     Robert  R. Robles,    Piyush Patel

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