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U.S. Constitution 10th Amendment Silent on Oil and Gas Regulation

What part of the U.S. Constitution allows the Federal Government to regulate the Oil and Gas Industry? The Tenth Amendment (Amendment X) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, was ratified on December 15, 1791.[1] The Tenth Amendment explicitly states … Continue reading

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Josh Robles: Observations on Credit Scores

Credit Scores by Josh Robles Working in lending for the last 10 years, I’ve been privy to some of the standard practices for underwriting and extending credit, both in the consumer and commercial markets. The single most popular aspect of … Continue reading

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Oklahoma’s Tough Anti-Illegal Immigration Law Survives Supreme Court Scrutiny

Oklahoma’s sweeping immigration law, HB-1804,  passed constitutional muster by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.  The Court, 8-1, rejected claims that the law overstepped Federal Jurisdiction and wrongfully wasted tax payers hard earned money. State and local officers of the law, including … Continue reading

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Goodwill Industries Throws in the Towel, Withdraws Application for Special Permit SP-430

June 3, 2011 Top rated zoning lawyer, Dennis Box, submitted a letter to JJ Chambless, Development Services Department, City of Oklahoma City, announcing the withdrawal of Goodwill Industries’ Application for Special Permit SP-430 … Box indicated that Goodwill would not be precluded … Continue reading

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Goodwill Industries Will Take Fight to Oklahoma City Council

July 2, 2011, Goodwill Industries spoke to the press, Journal Record, about taking its final shot for approval of SP 430, before the Oklahoma City Council.  Inside informants revealed that Goodwill would need a super majority of the City Council … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Limitation of Pain and Suffering Remedy for Auto Accident Injured Parties without Liability Insurance

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is expected to sign Senate Bill 272 into law.  Senate Bill 272 limits the recovery of Plaintiffs to actual medical expenses, property damage and lost income; and, takes away the right to sue for pain and … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Anti Drunk Driving Bill Passes State Senate and House

Governor,Mary Fallin, signed Senate Bill 529, May 26, 2011,  tightening the current DUI laws in Oklahoma.  The bill takes effect November 1, 2011. First time DUI offenders who are detected having a blood alcohol level of .15 blood alcohol content … Continue reading

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