Goodwill Industries Throws in the Towel, Withdraws Application for Special Permit SP-430

June 3, 2011

Top rated zoning lawyer, Dennis Box, submitted a letter to JJ Chambless, Development Services Department, City of Oklahoma City, announcing the withdrawal of Goodwill Industries’ Application for Special Permit SP-430 … Box indicated that Goodwill would not be precluded from applying for approval needed for an attended donation center at a future time.

In order to clarify Goodwill’s position, Box was called to explain whether the significance of his letter vis a vis the heated battle between Goodwill Industries and the surrounding property owners in and around 520 N. Hudson.  According to Box, the application for a special use permit was withdrawn and would have to be restarted in the future.

According to JJ Chambless, Development Services Department, the application was dead.  There would be no reviving the application and a new one would need to be filed if and when Goodwill decided to apply for a special permit.

Rick Dowell commented that a recycling center was a bad idea so close to the Bombing Memorial.  Joe Warren commented that the local property owners had to be ever vigilant of a predatory City and staff that lost the vision of respect due to the fallen victims of a terrorist bomb.  The Bombing Memorial must be protected, if not by government, then by the people.

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