Goodwill Industries Will Take Fight to Oklahoma City Council

July 2, 2011, Goodwill Industries spoke to the press, Journal Record, about taking its final shot for approval of SP 430, before the Oklahoma City Council.  Inside informants revealed that Goodwill would need a super majority of the City Council to approve its application for a  special permit because of the overwhelming resistance mounted by the surrounding property owners.  The egg covered Goodwill representatives were chased out of the Planning Commission meeting after all arguments were considered.  The Planning Commission voted 6-2 to deny the Application for Special Permit 430.

In this unhappy state of affairs, the City of Oklahoma City staff and administration wanted Goodwill Industries to conduct recycling operations in the shadow of the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial.  All Goodwill Industries could think about was the grant money it would receive from Oklahoma City for conducting recycling.  Goodwill forgot or failed to consider the insult to the Bombing Memorial.  The property owners surrounding 520 N. Hudson united to fight City Hall with raised torches and pitchforks.  They cared not for recycling or how much money Goodwill stood to make off the government.

In response Goodwill vowed to take its best shot at the final showdown scheduled for June 21, 2011, before the City Council.

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