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Medicaid Fraud

If you, a medical services provider, are being investigated for Medicaid Fraud please take a minute to review some of the  reasons for worrying: Medicaid providers include doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, clinics, counselors, personal care/homemaker chore companies, and … Continue reading

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Giant Gas Well in Beckham Co. Makes Royalty Owners Rich!

Chesapeake is making royalty owners rich in Beckham County with their big gas wells.  For instance Royalty Owners have received 65 million dollars in royalty off one well with no end in sight. Chesapeake gas well hits major milestone OKLAHOMA … Continue reading

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Over the Road 18 Wheel Trucking Accidents Spell Trouble for Everybody

There is no arguing over lane space with a large 18 wheeler.  Whatever space the truck wants, it takes.  The consequences related to a tragic encounter with an over the road big rig can be found in headlines screaming of … Continue reading

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Marcellus Shale O&G Exploration Companies Recycling Waste Water

Pennsylvania waste water producers, FRACKERS, recycling dirty water!  Well, I love that Dirty Water!  Oh, Boston you’s my home! Pa. says flow of drilling wastewater almost halted By Marc Levy Associated Press Posted: 06:04 PM Friday, June 3, 2011  HARRISBURG, Pa. … Continue reading

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Cana Shale Play Drives Up Royalty Lease Bonus Figures in Washita County Oklahoma

Ever wonder what makes the lease bonus offered by Devon Energy and Chesapeake Energy go Up, Up, Up, into the wild blue yonder?  Take a look at the latest story found in the Journal Record.  My clients are experiencing excellent … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About the Oklahoma County Public Defender

Frequently Asked Questions of the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office:  A Public Service Announcement (If your case is in juvenile court, click here.) How do I get a public defender?  Call (405) 713-1550, and keep calling until someone answers Public defenders … Continue reading

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Your Fourth Amendment Rights Eroded by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States has eroded the rights guaranteed to every citizen by the U.S. Constitution.  Any governmental body that takes upon itself the power to interpret the law, by necessity and application, changes the original intent … Continue reading

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