Over the Road 18 Wheel Trucking Accidents Spell Trouble for Everybody

There is no arguing over lane space with a large 18 wheeler.  Whatever space the truck wants, it takes.  The consequences related to a tragic encounter with an over the road big rig can be found in headlines screaming of multiple deaths and shattered lives.  Usually the car is flattened like a pancake.

Everybody knows cars, small trucks, ATVs and motorcycles are no match on our highways for big trucks. Truck drivers  paid by the load often drive at excessive rates of speed while deprived of sleep.  The law calls it negligence, however, it may be criminal.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a big  truck, I can help.

Truck Accident Attorneys Tulsa

The faster truckers go and the longer they can stay driving down the road, the more money they can make for themselves and for the trucking companies they serve. Poor maintenance:  no maintenance, bad brakes,  worn tires, defective steering can cause serious driving hazards to motorists.

When a big truck is involved in a highway collision the resulting property damage and injuries to the occupants of the other vehicle are catastrophic.  The victim, flatter than a fritter is buried.  The trucker walks away from a ruined wreck.

The victims of  truck accidents and their family are faced with long periods of medical treatment, staggering medical bills, lost wages, pain and emotional distress.  Without counsel, the victims are lost and open to the suggestion of a cheap payoff by the cynical insurance adjuster.

Families of  victims who have lost their lives can be faced with medical and burial expenses and the loss of the family’s financial support.

I have  handled many 18 wheeler collision cases. I  know how to deal with the trucking companies and will work hard to make sure that the victims of these unfortunate tragedies receive fair  compensation.

If you or a family member have been injured or killed as the result of a collision with an over the road truck please call me. Don’t let the insurance adjuster take advantage of you at the time of this confusion. You owe it to yourself, your family and loved ones to get a free case evaluation.

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