Flashing Red Lights, What do I do Now?

Flashing red lights.  What do I do now, either throw the shit out or find someplace to stash it.  Famous last thoughts.

When the cops come into contact with a subject, a suspect, or an AR, as the euphemisms pile up on the police reports, one has to keep a cool head and better yet know who to call.  Any last minute admissions of participation in a criminal enterprise will be sure to haunt the defense.  Things like…yeah, that’s mine or my friend must have left that in the car, will do very little to convince the police that they should turn the “AR” loose.

The expression:  name, rank and serial number come to mind and the less said the better.  I don’t believe there are very many mutes in prison, however, many a suspect has talked himself or herself behind bars.

Rule number one:  Keep quiet.  There will be no way to talk your way out of trouble.

Rule number two:  Call your lawyer.  If you don’t have one pretend you do.  Remember it is easier to find one if you have a defense than if you don’t.

Rule number three:  Cultivate some assets like friends, money or relatives.  The guy who has no friends, no money and no relatives has no chance to get bailed out of jail.

Just a little friendly free advice.





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