Comments on A Letter to the Editor Ban Open Carry

I believe it would be nice to “OPEN CARRY”.  There are many differences of opinion, however, It would certainly make people more conscious of their social manners.  Please let me know your opinions.

Open carry law asking for problems

 Published: January 29, 2012

  Regarding “Open carry gun law bill called crime deterrent” (Tulsa World, Jan. 23): What’s going on that state Sen. Steve Russell, R-Oklahoma City, would even think about an open carry law? I don’t want to go into a store and watch people carrying guns on their hips. We already have a concealed carry law. Guns don’t need to be out in the open — it’s just asking for problems. Not to mention it makes people nervous. It makes more sense to change the concealed carry law from saying you’re breaking the law if the gun pops out in plain sight to saying the wearer isn’t liable as long as he made an effort to keep it concealed.

Those who want to carry a gun should get a concealed carry license and go through the test and background checks. If he can’t pass the requirements, he shouldn’t be able to carry a gun, open or concealed.

Arthur Schofield, Oklahoma City

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