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Oklahoma Supreme Court Case 2012 Wrongful Death, Daubert Standard, Cause v Condition, Expert Evidence, Negligence Per Se

The latest case to come from the Supreme Court of Oklahoma is very instructive regarding Expert Testimony, Doubert Standards, and Cause v Condition arguments.  The case is quite novel and instructive because the Plaintiff was hit from behind on I-35, … Continue reading

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Cheseapeake Oil Settlement McClendon Keeps 2008 Bonus Buys Back 12 Million Dollar Maps

Aubrey McClendon, President of Cheseapeake Oil settled a stockholder’s suit filed when a few disgruntled share holders objected to his employment bonus of $75,000,000 Dollars plus, objected to Cheseapeake buying McClendon’s 12 Million Dollar map collection.  I have a collection … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Legislature to Extend Make My Day Law

One of the hottest topics in Oklahoma is the Make My Day Law.  The Oklahoma Legislature will review the need for extension of the present law to allow business owners to use deadly force on aggressors who enter a business … Continue reading

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