Oklahoma Mineral Riches Related to Brine

Not only is Oklahoma a valuable source for Oil and Gas Production, it claims deposits of Brine, saltwater, which ordinarily  is considered a waste or toxic product in the Oil and Gas Industry.  However, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.  For instance who would guess that there is money to be made from processing the pesky saltwater from the production of oil and gas.

Brine is not normally considered a mineral for the purpose of an Oklahoma Oil and Gas Lease, thus a separate brine production lease would need to be signed to protect the mineral owner.  Brine would have to be noted as the particular mineral to be leased with resultant royalty or bonus related to the signing of the lease and fees related to the production of the brine.

Oklahoma’s western counties, Dewey county, Woodward County, Woods County and others are becoming world-known for  rich saltwater, brine,  deposits, used in making iodine.

Iochem, a Japanese Company, is producing Iodine and other products from saltwater, found in Western Oklahoma, and paying good money for leases related to the production of the brine.

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