About Attorney Robert Robles

Oklahoma City Trial Lawyers
Personalized Legal Services for Businesses, Families and Individuals

The Law Office of Robert R. Robles was established in Oklahoma City more than 30 years ago. Since then, I have built a practice that is committed to providing clients throughout Oklahoma with sound legal advice and personalized service. My clients are more than a file number and a legal problem; they are people in need of assistance. I will treat you with respect and compassion and work hard to resolve your legal issues. This has been my approach for more than 30 years.

I represent clients with legal issues in the following areas of practice:

I am an Experienced Bi-Lingual Lawyer with a Distinguished History

My office has a unique history, in that it was the first Spanish-speaking law firm to be established in Oklahoma. The greatest benefit of my Spanish fluency is that it allows me give a voice to those who may have gone unheard. This is a very important facet of my practice.

I believe that it is my responsibility as an attorney to provide clients with all the tools necessary to facilitate a successful case resolution. Therefore, I am deeply connected to the legal community, which allows me to remain on the forefront of ever-changing laws. I have access to a vast network of legal professionals through my memberships in the Association of Trial Lawyers of American (ATLA) and the Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA). In addition, I have served as a member of the Oklahoma Merit Commission and am a Past Chairman of the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission.

Finding Practical Solutions to Your Legal Problems

I began my career as a trial lawyer over 30 years ago. My intention then is the same as it is now: to provide my clients with the highest quality legal services in a comfortable environment. I have created a practice that combines the power of a larger firm and the flexibility of a small firm. Call (405) 232-7980 for more information about how a litigation attorney can help you.


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